Audio Multiroom

Audio Multiroom

Audioserver - everything for your Multiroom Audio System

Your favourite music in every room with the Loxone Multiroom Audio System! Expand your smart home with the Loxone Audioserver, amplifiers and speakers and control your music from your smartphone, tablet, PC or wall switch.

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Ex Tax: 436.38€

The Audioserver is the most flexible, complete solution for multi-room audio in any home or building. AV professionals, or even electricians looking to expand their expertise, can benefit from high processing power, combined with four amplifier outputs, in one compact device.High-quality sound for a..

Loxone Speaker Back Box


Ex Tax: 48.76€

Enjoy incredible sound from your multi-room audio system by installing this back box during your build.             -  Simple to use: The transparent box for simple and straightforward assembly .        &n..

Loxone Speaker Back Box For Suspended Ceilings


Ex Tax: 40.92€

The Loxone Speaker installation box suitable for installation of Loxone Speakers in recessed ceilings or wood frame constructions:        -  For ceiling and wall mounting        - 204 mm diameter to fit the Loxone Speaker     ..

Quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker


Ex Tax: 110.00€

The quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker impresses with its even and wide sound radiation pattern, which means no matter where you are in the room, the sound is everywhere, exceptionally balanced and clear. It’s been designed specifically for use with the Loxone Audioserver and is, therefore, the perfect..

Wall Speaker


Ex Tax: 125.00€

The new Loxone Wall Speaker will wow you with its solid construction, slimline design and top sound quality. This Wall Speaker sounds great, whether on the wall or on a shelf. Perfect for retrofitting.            -Top quality sound (2 woofe..

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