Extensions - the easy way to expand your Miniserver

Extend your Loxone system with additional extensions to increase inputs and outputs: Dimmer Extension, Relay Extension, 1-Wire Extension, RS232 Extension and many more!

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1-Wire Extension


Ex Tax: 160.06€

The 1-Wire Extension is ideal for installations with many sensors.          -Reliable and accurate        -Low cost        -Can be mounted very discretely &nb..

Air Base Extension


Ex Tax: 93.76€

The Air Base Extension with our own wireless technology has been tailored specifically for Smart Homes and is perfect for retrofitting Loxone in existing homes.              -Up to 128 devices can be connected with an Air Base Ex..

DALI Extension


Ex Tax: 510.25€

The DALI Extension enables the flexible and intelligent control of DALI fittings and drivers.         Seamless integration of DALI fittings and fixtures into your Loxone Smart Home        Control up to 64 DALI devic..

DI Extension


Ex Tax: 250.91€

The new DI Extension offers 20 digital inputs in a device that is the size of just two breaker units. It is perfect for accommodating the wiring for sensors and those third-party switches. Plus, you can also use the inputs as frequency counters for signals up to 250Hz.     ..

Dimmer Extension


Ex Tax: 424.27€

The Loxone Dimmer Extension allows you to dim any type of mains light!           Dim lightbulbs, halogen downlights, dimmable CFL or LEDs         Simple to connect to your Loxone Miniserver  ..

DMX Extension


Ex Tax: 254.75€

This extension enables you to digitally control your lighting:           Set the dimming level        Adjust the colour and fade rates        Simply connect the DMX Extension to ..

EnOcean Extension


Ex Tax: 283.17€

The EnOcean Extension lets your Miniserver talk wirelessly to devices around your home.          -Send and receive EnOcean signals from other EnOcean devices.        -No need to chase walls or pull cable..

Fröling Extension


Ex Tax: 188.45€

A world first: Integrate your Fröling solid fuel heating system into your Loxone Smart Home to achieve a demand-driven boiler control system that is based on Loxone Individual Room Control.          -targeted boiler control system based on each room’..

Internorm Extension


Ex Tax: 283.16€

With the new Internorm extension, you can easily integrate I-tec ventilation and I-tec shading Internorm controls into a Loxone Smart Home. Working seamlessly together, the Miniserver can take care of operating the Internorm elements in your home so that your home does a much better job of harne..

Showing 1 to 9 of 22 (3 Pages)