24V Power Supply (4.2A)

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    • Brands Loxone
    • Product Code: 200002
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    To power up your Loxone system you need a 24V power supply. The Loxone 24V DIN rail mounted switchmode power supply from TDK-Lambda is perfect for this task.

        Its profile matches that of a standard breaker, meaning it can easily be fitted along side the Miniserver in your cosumer unit.

        The maximum current this unit can supply is 4.2A making it is suitable for larger Loxone installations.

        As a rule of thumb you should consider this power supply if you have more than 7 extensions. The exact power consumption of your system will depend on the number and type of extensions you are using.  

        Technical Details

               Type: LOX-100-24

               Input voltage: 100-240 VAC

               Output voltage: 24VDC 4.2A e.g. 100W

               Opperating conditions: -25 ... +71°C

               Dimensions (H,W,D): 90 x 91 x 56,8mm (T6 case)