Tree to Air Bridge

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    The Tree to Air Bridge is used to add or extend the Loxone Air signal in an installation. Whether you need to expand the Air range in an existing installation or introduce the option of Air altogether, the Tree Air Bridge is the go-to device. 

    • Fits into a conventional backbox as it measures just 38.4 x 34.2 x 10.5mm
    • Facilitates the communication between the cabinet and local Air devices within its range
    • Supports up to 49 Loxone Air devices.
    • Can be added to an existing run of Tree cable in an installation
    • Built-in Loxone Air antenna

    Built-in Loxone Air antennaThe Tree to Air Bridge is exceptionally versatile for both new and existing installations, regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial building.

    As a Loxone Partner, you can plan to include a Tree to Air Bridge in an installation where you require a reliable Air range at a distance from the main cabinet but installing a local cabinet is not an option.

    Each branch of a Tree Extension can accommodate up to 50 Tree Devices and this allocation can be converted to Air devices. If the Tree to Air Bridge is installed on its own branch, it can facilitate the wireless communication of up to 49 devices in its range (the Tree to Air Bridge would already use up one allocation of the devices for the Tree branch).

     Air Base
    Tree to Air
    Installation LocationCabinetFeld / Localised
    Supported Air Devices128up to 49

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