Touch Surface Tree

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    • Brands Loxone
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    Extraordinary control integrated directly into your home’s hard furnishings. The Touch Surface puts Loxone's revolutionary touch switch concept at your fingertips - whether on a kitchen worktop or coffee table.

                -For hard furnishings or surfaces around your home

                -Control lighting, shading, music and more

                -5 touch-sensitive contact points (and an activation touch point)

                -Activation status LEDs

                -Works on stone, wood, ceramic and glass (non-conductive)

                -Optional audible click feedback

        Technical Data

                -Power Supply: 9…28VDC PELV

                -Maximum Surface Thickness: 30mm

                -Power Consumption Typically: 67mW

                -Max: 133mW (using LEDs) Typically: 67mW

                -Operating Temperature: 0…55°C

                -Maximum Humidity:  95% r. H

                -Protection:   IP20

                -Cable Cross-Section For 24V Connection: 0.14…1mm2

                -Stripped Cable Length 7mm


                -Frequency (wired)

                -Dimensions:   304x115x15mm