Touch Pure Flex Tree White

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    • Brands Loxone
    • Product Code: 100507
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    The Touch Pure Flex is your completely customised control device with up to 12 freely definable and positionable touch points for your favourite functions. It has an integrated LED matrix display, three status LEDs, menus, values, text and statuses. It also includes built-in temperature and humidity sensors to support room climate control. The Touch Pure Flex is available in Anthracite and White. The Touch Pure Flex Tree/Air in Anthracite includes an additional fluorescent light (Not available in White variants).

    Available for pre-order now and we will begin july 2022.

    *Choose from over 200 icons in our icon library and decide which function you want to control.

    The Touch Pure Flex is your 100% customised control device 

    • Power Supply 24V
    • Capacitive interface
    • Click feedback
    • 12/14 Touch points*
    • Dimmable Matrix Display
    • 3 optional Status LEDs
    • Temperature & humidity sensor
    • Easy installation and commissioning
    • Suited for indoors, protected outdoor areas
    • Compatible with the Loxone Intercom (100484100485) creates a highly flexible and comprehensive access control system
    • Compatible with Loxone Mounting Brackets (100487100488100489100490,100515100516)
    • Recommended mounting height: 135 cm