Room Comfort Sensor Tree White

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    A must-have for smart room climate control within your four walls: introducing the Room Climate Sensor. This device takes a precise measurement of temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels - passing this information to the brain of your smart home to ensure the optimal room climate is achieved around the clock.

            - Measures precise temperature, humidity and CO2
            - Must-have for smart room climate control
            - Developed specifically for use in a Loxone Smart Home
            - Installing and pairing in record time
            - Timeless, simple design

     Technical data:

                -Power Supply: 9..28VDC SELV

                -Power Consumption:typically 150mW  maximum 160mW

                -Power Supply: typically 65mW  maximum 85mW

                -Ambient Temperature: -40…125°C

                -CO2 Sensor Range:  400ppm – 10.000ppm +/- 80ppm

                -Relative Humidity: -40…125°C

                -Ambient Temperature: -20…55°C

                -Protection Rating: IP20

                -Dimensions (mm):     55 x 55 x 18mm without frame        80 x 80 x 18mm with frame