Presence Sensor Tree White

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    A presence detector is one of the most important sensors in any type of automation project. With reliable detection of presence and motion, it forms the basis for the automation of important functions such as lighting (including maintaining constant light levels), burglar alarm, music, heating, ventilation or cooling, and much more. This is how you can easily solve seemingly complex tasks:

    • Detect movement and presence through infrared and acoustic sensors

    • High detection field with a detection angle of 360° horizontal and 110° vertical (giving you an 8m detection field at a ceiling height of 3m).

    • Integrated brightness sensor (measuring range 0 ... 83000lx)

    • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for presence detection.

    • Individually adjustable acoustic sensor threshold value for the burglar alarm.

      Simple limitation of the detection range using a sticker for the Fresnel lens

    The Presence Detector Tree replaces the Motion Sensor Tree accordingly:

    Motion Sensor Tree White (100223) → Presence Detector Tree White (100422)

      Technical data:

    • Power supply 6 ... 30VDC
    • Power consumption typ. 246mW Power loss max. 246mW
    • Ambient temperature -25 … 70°C / -13 … 158°F
    • Humidity max. 95% r.H. (non condensing)
    • Motion detection passive infrared sensor
    • Motion detection range 8m / 26.25ft (at height of 3m / 9.84ft)
    • Recommended installation height 2.5 ... 3.5m / 8.2 ... 11.5ft
    • Installation height max. 5m / 16.4ft
    • Detection angle vertical 110°
    • Detection angle horizontal 360°
    • Measuring range of brightness sensor 0 … 83000lx
    • Acoustic detection 60Hz … 20kHz, mono
    • Product dimensions 98x29.8mm / 3.86x1.17” (DxH)