Loxone Speaker

  • 97.35€ (Ex Tax)
    • Product Code: 200097
    • Availability: 5-7 Days
    The Loxone Speaker is the perfect built-in multiroom speaker for your Smart Home.

                -Complements our multiroom audio range.

                -Sleek, discreet design and powerful sound

                -Easy to mount

                -Comes with one round slimline cover

                -Suitable for sheltered use outside

        Technical Data:

                -Diameter:224mm / 8.82″

                -Diameter of top:204mm / 8.03″

                -Power:60 Watt

                -Max. Volume:86dB

                -Frequency:60 – 20000Hz

                -Peak power handling for Woofer:60W

                -Installation depth:90mm 

                -Speaker box capacity:10L / .353 cubic feet

                -Protection Class:IP54

                -Round cover dimensions: 232 x 3 mm

                -Square cover dimensions: 232 x 232 x 3 mm 

                -Two co-axial Tweeters

                -Mono/Stereo Switcher

                -0.75″ x 2 Tweeters