Install Sub 10 Client

  • 369.00€ (Ex Tax)
    • Brands Loxone
    • Product Code: 610163
    • Availability: 5-7 Days

    The Install Sub 10 Client impresses with its outstanding audio characteristics and its numerous application possibilities. The Install Sub 10 Client enhances any master/client installation and significantly improves the sound quality of an audio installation by accurately reproducing low frequencies for a fuller and more intense sound experience. It receives its audio signal from a master speaker and can pass it on to other client speakers. In this way, it forms a flexible audio solution that is scalable to any building size.

    Up to 20 client speakers via daisy chain per master

    Up to 80% less cabling thanks to simple installation

    30m between client speakers

    Technical Key Points:

    Transmission range 30-100Hz

    Installation depth: 108mm

    Maximum panel thickness: 36mm

    Installation diameter: 258mm

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