Exosphere Miniserver Pro (10 Years)

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    • Brands Loxone
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    Exosphere offers an optional extension that provides an additional level of organization and analysis in intelligent building management. This online solution has been specially developed to simplify the operation and maintenance of Miniserver fleets, whether individually or as part of a team.

    Exosphere enables centralized storage and display of shared* building data. Data from complex and distributed Loxone installations can be efficiently visualized and compared in system diagrams or dashboards.

    Pro Edition: Ideal for Loxone Partners with multiple projects or professional users such as system integrators and facility managers.

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    *At Loxone, the privacy of our customers is always a top priority. Therefore, all data sharing with Exosphere is done on an opt-in basis to guarantee you full control and security.


    Ideal for Loxone partners with multiple projects or professional users such as system integrators and facility managers.

    All information at a glance: You have 100 MB available per license for automated backups of your Loxone installation. In addition, 100 MB of memory is available for documents (circuit diagrams, images, etc.).

    Data evaluation: Monitor statistical values from any number of function modules, with a retrospective of up to 1 GB for 3 years. Create unlimited dashboards or import statistical data.

    Collaboration: Distribute tasks within the team and only grant employees or colleagues access to relevant data.

    Notifications: Receive notifications by e-mail or SMS in the event of anomalies or problems in a Loxone project.

    Easy and convenient activation within minutes

    Step 1: Purchase

    Purchase your Exosphere license in the webshop. You will receive the license key together with your invoice.

    Step 2: Activate

    Log in to the Exosphere interface at https://exo.loxone.com and activate your license key in the admin area. There you can assign the license to a workspace.