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    The Audioserver is the most flexible, complete solution for multi-room audio in any home or building. AV professionals, or even electricians looking to expand their expertise, can benefit from high processing power, combined with four amplifier outputs, in one compact device.

    • High-quality sound for all wired speakers
    • Limitless expansion through the combination of Stereo Extensions and other audio servers
    • Possibility of fixed and flexible audio zones
    • Maintenance-free due to seamless integration of hardware and software
    • Fully configurable with simple tools in Loxone Config 
    • 4x Amplifier outputs
    • Delivers stereo output or stereo downmix audio to mono
    • Tree Turbo interface (max. 10 Stereo Extensions)
    • DIN rail mounting  (9 TE)
    • Power Supply 18VDC…26VDC
    • Low power consumption,  2W when idle

    The flexible, complete multi-room audio solution for any home or building.

    The Audioserver is not exactly a speaker. It is the ultimate power behind wired speakers for your customers. So in combination with high-quality, passive 4-8Ω speakers, an impressive sound experience is created. No matter if you need it loud or quiet, crystal clear background music or bumping party beats, any occasion can be enhanced. 

    Simply combine its four built-in audio inputs into any groups and you can achieve high-quality sound in any room. Its unlimited expandability makes the system highly flexible and freely scalable. 

    With seamless integration, the Audioserver can deliver powerful sound yet remain barely visible. Create a loud alarm system in a restaurant, intelligent doorbell in a smart home, announcements in an office and much more. 

    Thanks to specially developed hardware and software, the Audioserver requires zero additional maintenance – all configured with simplified tools in Loxone Config.

    Tehnical Date:

    • LAN interface for connection with the Miniserver

      • Network sharing of music titles

      • 100 Mbps

      • IPv4/IPv6

      • SSL

    • USB 2.0 Type A for local audio storage

    • Micro SD card slot for local audio storage

      • 8GB Micro SD Industry Card

    • Music formats (Network share, USB, SD card)

    • MP3

    • ACC

    • ALAC

    • Flac

    • WMA

    • Line-In

    • Line-Out

    • SPDIF-Out


    • 4x Amplifier outputs

      • 60W peak per channel

      • 4-8 Ohm

      • up to 192kHz

      • Class D

      • 20Hz … 20kHz

    • Tree Turbo for up to 10 Stereo Extensions

    •        Power Supply 18VDC...26VDC