AI Extension

  • 203.22€ (Ex Tax)
    • Brands Loxone
    • Product Code: 100471
    • Availability: Pre-Order

    The AI Extension has 8 analog inputs on two division units.

    • 4 inputs for analogue voltage (0-10V) or digital
    • 4 analogue inputs for power signals ( 0/4-20mA)
    • Space-saving because of only 2 division units
    • Developed specifically for the Loxone project, especially in industry
    • CE certified and tested

    Versatile and individually applicable

    Use the 8 analog inputs of the AI Extension in any way you choose and integrate any 0-10V sensors or 4-20mA sensors in your Loxone project. You can also use the analog inputs as digital inputs (24V).

    Technical Details